Associate Manager


Job Position:

  • To understand and work towards established business targets.
  • He/she will be required to Participate in client interactions for knowledge transfer, updates, review meetings and perform.
  • Market research, mapping and analysis.
  • He/she would also be responsible for achieving the targets and achieving the accounts.

Key responsibilities:

  • To find out the new prospects for the business.
  • Carrying out a product need analysis to find out to what extent the product is required by the market.
  • Having basic decision making skills and the ability to do hierarchy mapping for the prospects.
  • Hierarchy mapping refers to the ability to understand who, in the client/associate’s side, has the authority to take decisions.
  • This depends on the analytical skills of the person.
  • To have a proper understanding about the budget.
  • This includes not to overspend and to decide in advance how much is to be spent in what areas.
  • Working towards achieving the given targets.Performing competition mapping.
  • Doing existing account mining. This involves identifying which accounts are more important and which are less ones.

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