Software Engineer High Availability

Software Engineer High Availability Jobs in India

Job Role: Software Engineer – High Availability (HA)

Location: India

Experience: 2+ Year

Job Description:

  • Work with a team of architects, and tech leads to translate the system requirements into a sub-system/module design
  • Work with other sub-system developers to design, document and implement the interface modules
  • Implementing high-quality, high-performance code
  • Debugging and troubleshooting problems in test and in production
  • Create and execute the unit test plan and interface test plan
  • Should be able to decide upon subsystem design, algorithms to be used, standards to be practiced, test coverage that is required, etc.
  • Ability to do research on standards, design and implementation methods/techniques, algorithms, development & testing tools and choose the appropriate ones for the sub-system/module development
  • Working with remote team, understand the requirements

Required Skills:

  • Excellent programming skills in C / C++.
  • Knowledge of Basic Networking Concepts like TCP/IP, Switching and Routing Understanding of cluster management, related to Availability and Load Balancing Strong platform and RTOS knowledge
  • Debugging and troubleshooting of problems in an embedded system using GDB, D-TRACE Hands-on development experience with HA architectures or middleware
  • Understanding of kernel level modules like Scheduling, Memory management and IPCs.
  • Usage of Profiling tools for CPU and Memory

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